The time that visitors spend waiting rooms and reception areas allows for a valuable opportunity to reach them with important educational information, programs and advertisements. Hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics and community health centers can use video, graphics and bulletins to reinforce messages and inform patients of important health issues, treatments and news. The right software will include easy to use templates and scheduling features, clinic administrators can update signage displays in patient rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and hallways.


Restaurants can use digital signage networks to display menu items and daily specials, provide entertainment, improve communications with patrons and realize new revenue streams through advertising.


Create in store promotions that attracts and brings a meaningful return of investment on your marketing with instant results.

Attach the right software and hardware you can change the look and feel of your messaging as you see fir. You can even collaborate with business to business social media tool allowing you to co develop and increase brand and store awareness.


Corporations can enhance employee training and communications about upcoming meeting and events while increasing employee knowledge of corporate agendas and policies. Companies can implement improved tools for visitors with facility maps through digital signage displays and kiosks.

House of worship

Houses of worships are using digital signage solutions to communicate messages more effectively to congregations, and broadcast event schedules, inspirational messages and music.

Sports & Entertainment

Bring Digital Signage to a higher level with large format solid state LED video displays cinemas, theme parks, fairs, expos, sports arenas will increase attendance and revenues.

LED Technology as seen as scoreboards at professional sports venues can also be as little as 12" x 24" and as large as the signage seen on the face of large buildings in New York's Time Square.


Train and bus stations, airports and ship ports can use digital signage systems to improve communications with visitors while reducing perceived wait times, provide local and facility maps, and engage and inform customers with news, weather, and emergency broadcasts.

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