It's a world where we are constantly seeking the next WOW. A video wall constructed from stunning Philips LCD displays does not just offer you an eye-catching way to send marketing messages or show attention grabbing video – it also gives you the opportunity to lower your Total Cost of Ownership while at the same time dramatically increasing sales.

Menu board                     

Getting your menu and daily specials promoted in style has never been easier thanks the large choice of cloud based content creation services (SaaS) available today. Updatable in real time, you can create dynamic menu content for your clients to maximize the impact on your clients, and promote menu items of your choice, at any time.


Centrally  manageable with total flexibility to control the content of your network of digital menu boards whether  it’s local, regional or national scale.

Indoor Message & Video displays

Digital signage is versatile and can be used in virtually any commercial venue. In recognizing the full potential of digital signage, it has become a crucial aspect of communication for the retail and hospitality markets. Digital screens are now seen in nearly every shop window, airport, hotel, and cruise ship successfully catching the attention of passersby.


Industrial invironments have gravitated to digital signage for production line purposes, shift assignment,  quality control, work orders queus increasing overall productivity.

Outdoor Message & Video displays

Outdoor displays range from ruggedized and industrialized LED/LCD displays such as the professional displays from Philips to solid state LED video panels as seen as scoreboard where larger outdoor displays are required. Outdoor sport arena's, concerts, events, municipal, road side message boards and highway billboards all capable of displaying HD video and constructed to meet harsh weather conditions thanks solid state LED panel technology.

Interactive  Kiosk

Interactive kiosks are essentially computer touch screen terminals with specialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit in mind. They provide access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education. Common places you’ll find Interactive kiosks are typically placed in high foot traffic settings such as hotel lobbies or airports.  

Interactive touch screen kiosks perform a wide range of functions most of which have evolved into self-service kiosks. Example, way finder boards or kiosks that enables users to perform an online transaction, airport check-in kiosk, internet kiosk, survey kiosk, trade show kiosk and other self-service computer kiosks

Content creation, management and distribution

Content Management Systems  (CMS) are software programs that users can purchase or more commonly subscribed to through cloud based services allowing users to dynamically create, manage and distribute content as needed.


CMS is the focal point of any digital signage environment.  CMS gives the user as little or as many tools needed  to manage a single unit display or a complex multi unit video wall application.

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